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We call Offdesk a Social WorkNet. A unique collaborative workspace built around a large and growing collection of web-based apps, empowering you to manage every aspect of your business from a single account and giving you the freedom to work in place. Every app is shareable and can be run in any browser and on any device.
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Integrated Apps
We hear it almost daily: Managing multiple cloud-based apps is an increasing headache because:
  • Every time you sign up for a new cloud-based app, the number of accounts you have to manage increases
  • The various cloud apps can't talk to each other

The central tenet behind our Social Worknet is integrated and shareable apps. Every app in Offdesk is shareable with any number of Offdesk users. And apps can even share data with each other. So your team is always on the same page, and productivity stays high.
Open Platform
The Offdesk platform uses the most basic building blocks of the browser to build our apps: HTML, CSS and Javascript.

This minimalist approach allows us to offer a solution that is completely open, lightweight and simple. And with the latest HTML5 and CSS3 specifications, our apps are real desktop replacements.

That is all you need to know to build apps for your team or your clients. Offdesk provides the fastest Time to Market for cloud-based apps.
Developer Incentives
We've created an ecosystem of opportunity within Offdesk to give back to those who build apps and evolve Offdesk.

Each quarter we set aside a percentage of corporate revenues to give back to the authors of the most popular and most used Offdesk apps.

Alternatively, if you develop private Offdesk apps for your clients, we take no percantage of your app developnent earnings. We only require payment for each new member's account.
Quick Tour
The App Showcase
Dozens of business class
apps in one place:
  • Basic Office Productivity
  • Sales Force Management
  • Customer Relationship Manageent
  • IT Project Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Small Business Management
  • Solo Business Productivity
  • Accounting Management
  • Courseware Education & Training
Sales Force Automation Suite
  • Dashboard
  • Contact Management App
  • Sales Lead Tracking App
  • Sales Forecasing App
  • Order Managememt APp
  • Product/Service Knowledgebase App
Customer Relationship Management Suite
  • Dashboard
  • customer Account Managment App
  • Customer Support Management App
  • Customer Portal App
  • Help Desk App
IT Project Management Suite
  • Project Dashboard
  • Offdesk App Designer
  • Agile Project Manageemt App
  • Risk Management App
  • Issue Tracking App
  • Defect Tracking App
  • Team Forum/Wiki App
  • Code Vault App
Human Resource Management Suite
  • HR Dashboard
  • Resume Management App
  • Time Sheet App
  • Leave Management Aoo
  • Benefits Management App
  • Recruitment Management App
  • Performance & Review App
  • Prospective Employee Portal
Solo Business Productivity Suite
  • Solo Business Dashboard
  • Appointment App
  • Invoicing App
  • Task Management App
  • Solo Project Management App
  • Sticky Notes App
  • Journal App
Small Business Management Suite
  • Small Business Dashboard
  • Proposal Management App
  • Invoicing App
  • Task Management App
  • SWOT Research App
  • Client Portal
Office Productivity Suite
  • Calendar App
  • Editor App
  • Task Manager App
  • Journal App
  • Sticky Notes App
  • Snippet Saver App
  • Slide Presenter App
  • Spread Sheet App
Courseware Multimedia Suite
  • Courseware Dashboard App
  • Courseware Manager App
  • Multimedia Creator App
  • Storyboard Designer App
  • Learner Management App
  • Reference Manager App
  • Image Editor App
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